How to root xperia miro & tipo & tipo dual with new firmware 2012 2013

Hi guys, i just open this blog, hope you will like it and give your support! Thanks! This method work for Xperia Miro, Tipo and Tipo Dual. Fortunately, if you creative enough you can use this method for other Xperia phone! Goodluck!

Updated3: Hi Guys! I have post a new method to root, shared by our friend.. Only with one click and very simple.. See it HERE Enjoy!

Updated2: For Xperia Miro, you can choose Tipo as connected device but you need to edit it by go to devices tab > edit > select Tipo and edit “Recognition Patterns” to : (ST21i,ST21a,tipo,mesona,ST23i,ST23a,tamsui ) credit to XMoDX

Updated: If you just bought your phone and your firmware not yet upgraded or your phone already got firmware below 11.0.A.5.5(miro), 11.0.A.4.22(tipo) and 11.0.A.6.5(tipo dual), then you can skip to step 3..

Tools you need to download:

Ok now have all the things needed!

Step 1

  • Open Flashtool (after installed), i assume that you already installed Sony companion software to your PC, so that Flashtool can detect your phone.
  • Enable debugging mode on your phone (Setting>developer options) & enable unknown sources (Setting>security)
  • Connect your phone with usb, and if prompt to select your device (For Tipo Dual select Tipo as devices connected)(For Miro select U as devices connected or Tipo with edited setting mentioned in Updated2 above credit to XMoDX)
  • Click Flash icon (looks like thunder) and choose flashmode
  • Then browse the folder where you save the Old firmware (.ftf) file (Make sure you put Old and New firmware in different files). Flashtool will automatically scan files inside the firmware.
  • For Tipo Dual, make sure you unrar loader and put loader.sin file in the same folder with Old firmware (.tft). New firmware no need the loader.sin
  • Click OK

Step 2

  • Flashtool will ask you to disconnect your phone
  • Disconnect your phone and shut it down
  • Push Volume Down (-) button (dont release it) and connect the usb cable again
  • Until Flashtool say your phone connected in flashmode then you can release the button
  • Let it finish and turn on your phone (it takes awhile to turn on)
  • Enable debugging mode on your phone (Setting>developer options) & enable unknown sources (Setting>security)

Step 3

  • Extract  Root with Restore by Bin4ry you downloaded before, and make a folder called root in Drive C: then copy all the stuffs extracted into the root folder
  • Run Command Prompt as administrator (For Windows 7 search at start and right-click CMD run Administrator/ For Windows 8 push button windows(this button below Z) + X then select command prompt (Admin))
  • Type “cd c:\root” without the quote (“”)
  • Type “stuff\adb devices” without the quote (“”)
  • If your device connected properly, it should be there (For some PC there will be more devices because you install Bluestacks/You Wave. and you need to uninstall them otherwise it wont work)
  • Next type “runme”
  • Green message will come out, type “1″ then enter
  • A message will come out in your phone, ignore the password encryption. Just select Restore My Data option
  • The Green command prompt will assist you, if the message stuck on Running for so long, mean you fail to root. (Fail happened when you skip step 1 or your firmware is new)
  • After finish, your phone will reboot and there will be new application installed called Super SU
  • Gratz! You phone rooted!

Step 4

  • If your phone already rooted, you can skip to this step.
  • Now connect your phone again, make sure debugging mode and unknown sources enabled.
  • Extract Xperia root folder you downloaded before, open it up and double-click 01-local-prop.bat (dont run as administrator) follow the instruction given. Done for this.

Step 5

  • Open Flashtool, click Flash button, choose flashmode then browse the folder where you save New Firmware (.ftf) file.
  • Attention!! Uncheck wipe data!
  • Click OK
  • Continue with Step 2

Step 6

  • You will realize that Super Su have gone
  • Now connect your phone again, open Xperia root file, double-click 02-push-root-files (dont run as administrator) follow the instruction given.
  • Your phone will reboot and new application installed call Superuser
  • Holla! You have done it! New firmware has been rooted!
  • Search Superuser at Play store and update it.. After updated open it and update binary file by touching the binary column.

Hope you like my tutorial.. Do it at your own risk.. I apologies if some terms i used are wrong like Xperia Tipo 11.0.A.0.16 Firmware, i’m not sure if it is new or old ftf. If you success means it’s old and if fail vice versa. I also like to add pictures so that you can understand easily.

So i’m looking to write more on this blog. Hope you guys will support me, especially those handsome and gorgeous people from XDA-Developers. I’ve learned a lot from them.

Thank you guys!